GWM builds at Holy Spirit Catholic School

Ground Works-Midwest is excited to announce an opportunity help build, place, and fill 4 teaching garden beds at Holy Spirit Catholic School, located at 3601 East Dudley Ln., Sioux Falls, SD beginning at 8:30 am on Saturday May 5, 2018.

Ground Works-Midwest, a regional non-profit located in Sioux Falls, specializes in school teaching gardens, providing the innovative educational resources, to elementary and middle school teaching garden programs. The school teaching garden is one way to involve multiple students and families within the area. Students, teachers, Ground Works Midwest staff, board, and area volunteers will be on site assisting with the building and filling of the beds.

“Sioux Falls Catholic School System is partnering with Groundworks Midwest to implement teaching gardens into our summer care program. Over the course of the summer we will engage over 250 children in planting, nurturing, growing and harvesting garden vegetables using a well designed curriculum developed by Groundworks Midwest.” Brenda Mizel, director of instruction and programs,

Sioux Falls Catholic School System. Schoeneman’s Building Materials Center is providing the lumber and materials for one of the raised gardens. Minnehaha Master Gardener, Steve Sikorski, has supplied the building plans and garden bed design. The garden beds will bring the lessons learned in the classroom outdoors to a living laboratory that enhances student learning in STE(A)M and agriculture


Media reps are invited to be a part of this new teaching garden build on Saturday, May 5, 2018. If you have questions, please contact me at: or call 605-201- 5549.

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