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SDAITC on the Radio

GW & SDATIC Associate Director Cindy Heidelberger Larson, along with Sioux Valley student Cooper VanderWal and his 4th grade teacher, Amy Christopherson were guests on Bill Zortmans' radio program, It's Your Business (Agri) on Newstalk 1320 on Tuesday, March 31. Cindy was joined on April 7 by Charleigh Brewer and her 4th grade teacher Erica Boomsma. Listen the links to hear what the students of South Dakota are learning from their participation in South Dakota Ag In the Classroom.

Cooper VanderWal, Volga, SD

Ms. Erica Boomsma, Huron, SD

Ms. Boomsma's 4th Grade Class from Washington Elementary in Huron, SD

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