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South Dakota Ag In the Classroom

Interested in visiting and speaking to 4th grade classrooms about agriculture, famring or agribusiness? Please use the contact information at the bottom of the page to lets us know! 

Programs: Service
  • Developmental approach: 4th grade lessons provide a basic introduction to agriculture. Lessons for 5th-8th grade will inspire an understanding of agriculture science and economics; safe food systems; agriculture career options; and rural community development.

  • State Wide: SDAITC educational opportunities are available to every school district, public and private, in South Dakota.

  • Curriculum: SDAITC curriculum is  updated regularly as we recognize the ever-changing world of agriculture and agri-business. A team of agriculture educators write, review and approve curriculum. New curriculum is vetted through an Education Working Group and a pilot study before being released state-wide.

SDAITC Advisory Team:

Michelle Nelson-Careers and Tech Education

Bonnie Dybedahl-Educator, previously SD Farm Bureau

JaCee Aaseth-SD Department of Ag

Bjorn Nelson-Monsanto & President of SD Agribusiness

David Olilla-Sheep Field Specialist

Erica Boomsma-2019 SD Teacher of the Year

Kelly Brandlee- Riverview LLP

Cindy A Heidelberger-VP for Operations, Co-founder

Tim Olsen- Executive Director & SD Ag Liaison, Co-founder


Headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD Agriculture in the Classroom is coordinated by the 501c(3) non-profit, Ground Works Midwest. The goal of SDAITC is to inspire students in grades 4-8 to become agriculture literate consumers and leaders as they become adults.

We would love to answer questions, hear comments/concerns, and get teachers, investors, and supporters plugged into this program!

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