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  • Developmental approach: 4th grade lessons provide a basic introduction to agriculture. Lessons for 5th-8th grade will inspire an understanding of agriculture science and economics; safe food systems; agriculture career options; and rural community development.

  • State Wide: SDAITC educational opportunities will be available statewide to every school district through technology.

  • Curriculum: SDAITC curriculum will be updated regularly as we recognize the ever-changing world of agriculture and agribusiness. A team of agriculture educators review and approve curriculum.

  • Pilot: New curriculum is vetted through a pilot study before being released state-wide.

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SDAITC Advisory Team:

Michelle Nelson- Careers and Tech Education

Bonnie Dybedahl- Educator, previously SD Farm Bureau

Maggie Stenaas- SD Department of Ag

Bjorn Nelson- Monsanto & President of SD Agribusiness

Connie Groop- Freelance Agriculture Journalist

Kelly Brandlee- Riverview LLP

Marsha Kucker- SDAITC State Contact & Educator

Cindy Heidelberger-Larson- Communications

Tim Olsen- Executive Director & SD Ag Liaison 


Headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD Agriculture in the Classroom is coordinated by the 501c(3) non-profit, Ground Works Midwest. The goal of SDAITC is to inspire students in grades 4-8 to become agriculture literate consumers and leaders as they become adults.

We would love to answer questions, hear comments/concerns, and get teachers, investors, and supporters plugged into this program!

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South Dakota Ag in the Classroom

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