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YES Camps: Project

YES! stands for Youth Eating Smart. This program was born out of the desire to educate students on where their food comes from. Under the direction of an advisory team and partners of Ground Works SDAITC, this camp provides 12 educational, engaging, hands-on hours of learning through the course of three days. The program features 4 stand-alone modules (usually used in conjunction with the teaching garden program, but not required) for a unique program experience at each site. YES! camps exist to inspire a new way of thinking about healthy eating and the world we live in. Exposure to growing plants and agricultural awareness impacts the consumption of healthy foods. Hands-on-learning can change current and future behaviors and attitudes towards food, health, and agriculture. YES! camp programming was designed to combine the important ideas used in both Teaching Gardens and South Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom. This 4-Module day camp setting supports lessons already being taught in schools through science, math, art, health, and wellness.

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